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The Happy Traveler US

with Dr. Rosemary Swade

Boutique Group Travel for Amazing Journeys of Discovery

Member: IAMAT-California Seller of Travel Program-Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation-

An affiliate of both Coastline Travel Advisor and Virtuoso Travel Advisors

A sample of The Happy Traveler US Testimonials

"Whether you are contemplating joining a travel tour for the first time or are an old pro at travel, you will have expectations of how a tour will be conducted. Although they will vary among travelers, they undoubtedly will include competency in organization and execution, knowledge of the place to be visited, trustworthiness of promises made and a personal, friendly leader. This might appear to be asking a lot but all of this is essential for having an enjoyable, memorable time. One of the best ways of seeking help in selecting a tour is by a recommendation from a participant with experience of having traveled with a variety of tour operators. I have had that experience and I highly recommend travel with Rosemary Swade and her organization, The Happy Traveler US. Rosemary is at the top of my list for fulfilling expectations. This is an exceptional statement but one that happens to be true, based on having taken several of her European trips. She has traveled extensively and has a wealth of experience designing itineraries in which she places her inimitable personal touch to make each trip special.

I strongly recommend that you give her and The Happy Traveler your serious consideration for future travel plans."

-John Zaylor

First of all I loved your spontaneity in doing extra activities, that was great, so we got to see things like Jerry's thatched roof house and the extra Castles and Abbeys. Secondly, all the extra treats in the bus, like the mead, candies and cookies. Thirdly, you're such a darn wonderful person to spend time with. Fourth, putting together such a good group of travellers who all got along.

Love, SF

"I am very grateful and happy for everything that you [Rosemary Swade] have done for our Ireland trip. It was one of the best experiences in my life…a real eye opener for me."

-Jordan C.

"I would not have found myself had I not gone to Italy on this program. My passion for foreign languages came from my experience in Italy. The opportunity to see and interact with so many cultures away from our comfort zone is what everyone should experience. I can't imagine my life without the friends I made as well. To date it is the best thing I've ever done."

-Julie C.

"The trip was a constant learning experience and Rosemary did an outstanding job. It was great to have lectures and presentations on the bus, in the Roman Forum, and where ever we were on the trip. We gained so much by just being part of this wonderful group. This program is so unique. The whole group bonded so well and interacted

constantly. Joel and I cannot believe all the wonderful things that we saw and did. From Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast, to Pompeii, Paestum, Sicily, Rome and of course, Florence, each day was more magical than the next. We had to keep pinching ourselves to believe we were actually there and seeing all these wonderful things."

-Michalene and Joel A.

"I had the privilege of being apart of Dr. Swade's three week all inclusive trip to Ireland the summer of 2011. It was such an enriching experience. Our itinerary overflowed with many wonderful excursions such as: Literary pub crawls, a tour of Northern Ireland and St. Patrick's Cathedral, and my favorite of all time a magical night out at the famous Abbey Theater. What I loved most about traveling with Dr. Swade is that she has exquisite taste."

-Jasmine W.

"I have taken two trips to Europe with Dr. Rosemary Swade. On the first trip we stayed in apartments in Florence Italy right in the heart of the old city for five weeks. From our home base in Florence we traveled all over Italy including Cinque Terra, Milan, Venice, Sienna, San Giminiano, Assisi, Orveitto, Pompeii, and Rome! It was a wonderful experience, I took a cooking class, did wine tastings in Tuscany, picked up a little Italian, went to world famous museums, had awesome tours with interesting guides everywhere we went, went to an Italian beach, saw so many sights, learned so much and had the time of my life. Rosemary took us to all the important historical places and many off the beaten places that I never would have discovered on my own. She is fun to travel with! Her passion for travel and delightful personality makes the trip all the better. I liked the first trip I took with her so much that I joined her once again this time on a two week trip to Italy and England. First we spent some time in Tuscany, then we flew to London where I saw my fist London play, visited all the great sites and a few museums. We then took a bus to Bath had a tour which was really interesting and Stonehenge. I am really glad I went on this trip. I am looking forward to joining the Happy Traveler US for more adventures in the future!"

-Charlie S.

"If you haven’t traveled with the Happy Traveler, you haven’t traveled! I have been to England, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Ireland and Austria with Rosemary Swade, The Happy Traveler US. On one of my more recent trips I was excited about my first trip to Vienna but nervous to travel alone. The Happy Traveler perfectly navigated my train trip into Vienna and met me at the station! She had terrific, affordable accommodations for us. Vienna is a beautiful city and Rosemary knew just where to take us. I didn’t think I liked opera but I was absolutely mesmerized by the perfect performance we saw (from our box seats) at the Opera House. We enjoyed the danish and cuisine Vienna is known for which included charming, non-touristy beer gardens. How does she know these things? We were only there a few short days, but Rosemary made the best of our time, (as always!) which also included museums where I saw the cherished Venus of Willendorf and also a visit to the art museum to see Klimt’s beautiful masterpieces. The tulips still linger in my mind and I hope to go back some day. Vienna is a fantastic city and when you’re traveling with the Happy Traveler, you will see the heart of it!!"

-M. K.